Who can become a wholesale customer?

Legitimate businesses that resell our products to retail customers can become wholesale customers.

Advantages of Becoming a Wholesale Customer

Because we are selling business-to-business (B2B), there is no sales tax on your order. We offer substantial discounts for purchasing large quanitities.

NOTE: If a wholesale customer purchases small quantities, there will be no discount beyond what a retail customer receives. Only wholesale customers who are buying in bulk receive bulk discounts.

How to Become a Wholesale Customer

The law requires us to verify that you are a legitimate business that resells our product to retail customers. We will make that process as simple and fast as possible.

Follow these steps to become a wholesale dealer of Crown City Billiards:

  1. Create a customer account on our site. (Link opens in a new window)
  2. On the Account page, click the "Create an Account" button
  3. Fill in the information on that form. For the email address, enter the address that you will use to communicate.
  4. Next, provide copies of the following items (via email or snail mail):
    • Business License
    • Resale permit w/Tax ID Number
    • Storefront photograph (Retailer)
    • Photographic samples of your work (Cuebuilder)
    • Any supporting web store/site information
  5. Following successfull completion of the verification process, there is a $100 minimum (per order) dealer purchase requirment.

If you have any questions, please call 626-375-6486.