Cue Repair

Crown City Billiards cue repair shop

Crown City Billiards cue repair shop

Give your cue new life with our professional cue repair. The knowledge and experience of our staff enables us to do all types of repair work on any cue. Your cue is an investment and we can help you protect it by providing the regular maintenance it needs. The workmanship of our professional staff is guaranteed, and each cue is inspected carefully before it is returned to you.

We are the only Tiger Products Billiard Products Factory Trained Facility and Kamui Tips authorized installation/repair facility in the world today!

Repair Services

Our Pro Shop provides full service cue repair including:

  • Re-tipping - we stock a wide variety of cue tips to include: Moori, Kamui, Onyx, Sniper, Everest, Tiger, Zan, Black King, Ultraskin, Milk Dud, Tad, Samsara, Mezz, Virgin, Dynamite, Emerald, Black Heart, Elk Master, Triangle, LePro, and more!
  • Shaft cleaning and dent/ding removal
  • Cleaning and/or replacement of linen and leather wraps
  • Stack Leather Cue Wraps
  • Repairs of broken ferrules and butt-caps
  • Spot and full cue lacquer re-finishes
  • Most repairs and services done while you wait
  • Walk-Ins welcome - No appointment necessary.


We are located at:

Crown City Billiards
3746 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

If you are unable to visit us and must ship your cue in for inspection/repair: please use a 1/8” to 1/4” thick wall round tube that is 32” to 34” long. These are available at most UPS/USPS locations, carpet/drapery centers, and art stores. Wrap the cue in several layers of newspaper or bubble wrap for protection. Within the tube include your name, address, phone number and detailed description of the problem. We will call you to discuss the cue’s condition/repair within 48 hours. Do not send us your cue in your cue case. Be sure to insure your cue for its full value.

Please call (818) 659-5008 or contact us with any questions about our cue repair work and/or pricing.